The case for Guest Wi-Fi in your business

How often do you hear it? “What’s the Wi-Fi Password here?” Maybe you give it to your customers, maybe you don’t but it’s a customer interaction that either breeds value, or sews frustration. Customers for whatever reason, want better connectivity on the go, and that includes within the confines of your business.

Whether they are wanting to collaborate with you on a presentation, or are shopping and sharing ideas with a friend, our society is wired for a more connected experience on the go.

If you don’t have managed Wi-Fi, and you’re sharing access with others, there is a good chance that your company network is being exposed to potential for security breaches or slower speeds.

Quad State Internet managed Wi-Fi with Guest Access allows your patrons to connect to a well known “Quad State Free Wireless” Network at your location with ease. Guest Network Access is segmented from your corporate Local Area Network, meaning that your guests cannot access your file servers, cash registers, or printers without your permission.

Quad State Internet Managed Routing also means that your guests won’t use all of your bandwidth at your location; making sure everyone is able to access the Internet from your business with ease.

The best part? Managed Routing and Guest Wireless Access comes standard with most packages. We constantly monitor our network and your local network for performance metrics so that we can ensure the best quality of service possible.

Our network is monitored 24/7/365 by our Network Operations Center, so support is always an easy call away. Call us today so we can secure your network and give your guests the best possible experience.