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Looking for fiber for your home? Contact us today to see if QSI Link Home is available in your neighborhood. Fiber to the Home and Business is now available in all of Metropolis, IL.

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Have fiber in your business? Upgrade your connection today

Quad State Internet offers unmatched dependability, backed by 24/7 support

The Quad State Internet network is the most advanced in the region, offering unsurpassed speeds and services. Upgrading is as easy as a telephone call and an appointment. We will manage your local network as well as your Internet connection, all while monitoring the health of your entire setup. We take care of the heavy lifting while you enjoy faster, more reliable Internet access.

Rock solid, versatile phone service

We supply the best in market Voice over IP phones

If your office voicemail doesn’t also come to your email on your smart phone, or if you can’t roll your phones over after your closing time, then it’s time to revisit your phone system. Don’t overpay for subpar service, upgrade to phones that feature large, intuitive easy to read displays.

Embracing our community

We are local – based in Paducah, Kentucky

Quad State Internet is developing our community by expanding our fiber-optic network to serve more homes and businesses than ever before. We have a commitment to serving underdeveloped and underprivileged neighborhoods while enhancing the technical capabilities of our region. Help us grow our community and make the switch to Quad State today.

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Available For Service In
Paducah, KY - Calloway County, KY - LaCenter, KY - Lone Oak, KY -Grand Rivers, KY - Webster, KY - Morganfield, KY - Calvert City, KY - and More!

We're constantly expanding our territory, so make sure to inquire today for services so you'll know first when we enter your area!

WirelessGigabit FiberAdvanced RoutingHosting and Email

Internet solutions for every business

Quad State Internet offers fiber-optic network services in the Western Kentucky Quad State Region that works for every type of business.

From basic access to advanced routing,  Quad State is by your side.

Wireless Access

Wireless access points for your business

Offer free Wi-Fi to your customers, and secure Wi-Fi for your company. Separate Wi-Fi means your business runs smooth and your customers see more value when visiting your locations.

Advanced Routing

Enterprise-Grade Technologies

We can provide point-to-point connections between your locations, direct circuits into data centers and Internet Exchange Points, BGP sessions with our network, and other enterprise grade routing services for your business.

Hosting and Email

Websites and email addresses

We can provide hosting for your businesses website, and email addresses for you and your employees; enjoy use of your own domain name for the best professional presentation with your customers.

How do I know how much speed I need for my business?

Give us a call and we’ll perform a site survey and find out exactly what your needs are for your business, our fiber optic networks are ready for your future so we can grow together!

How is Fiber Optic Internet better for my business?

Fiber Optic Internet provides a dedicated, reliable connection to your business that is more resilient against outages, while offering faster response times when accessing online services.

This is critical when your business relies on the Internet to process financial transactions, utilize video calls, and upload data to other offices or the cloud; business applications like off-site backups work better on high speed fiber optic connections.

Our fiber optic connections offer higher upload speeds than similar lower grade connections, meaning things like security cameras and video calls work better side-by-side.

A one time setup fee will be assessed after a survey of the area where service is requested.