The Benefits of a Locally Hosted Website

Pictured is JP’s Traffic Information, with web hosting and connectivity to the JP’s Traffic Center provided by Quad State Internet.

Hop onto the website of your favorite local business, and sit there waiting. How long are you willing to wait for that page to load? While many things will have an effect on the performance of a website, an important factor is the geographic location of your web host.

The amount of distance traveled to reach a customer greatly affects the performance of a website. If your website is hosted on the other side of the country away from your target customer base, they may go ahead and move on to the next site if the load time takes too long. A few milliseconds can make all the difference.

Internet Service Providers that don’t participate in Internet Exchange Points set themselves up at a disadvantage in providing speedy hosting and web access. If your website is on the other side of the country, and your Internet Service Provider isn’t peered with other local companies, your website request may circle the country several times before coming back to you! Internet users are becoming more efficient at using their devices, they swipe left, tap, and swipe right. If your site doesn’t pop in after that tap, there is a good chance they’ll swipe away and move on.

Locally sourced and locally supported will make sure your website works at the speeds it needs to. Fiber-Optics and local Internet transit means lower latency, which means less waiting. Quad State Internet, through the Paducah Internet Exchange, makes sure every Internet Service Provider has the ability to reach your website as efficiently as possible. Don’t send your customers across the continent when we’re right around the corner, and contact us for your hosting and email needs today.