First mile of Quad State Internet owned fiber-optic cable scheduled for install in Paducah, Kentucky

QUAD STATE INTERNET – A Paducah, Kentucky headquartered company has announced its plans to lay one mile of fiber-optic cable in the City of Paducah.

Quad State Internet has delivered fiber-optic Internet services to businesses and home offices utilizing partner networks. These partner networks have reliably connected offices directly to the Quad State Internet backbone.

When talking about fiber-optic Internet, the “last mile” is often the biggest challenge to delivering services to homes and businesses; by utilizing a hybrid of its own and partner networks, Quad State Internet is able to reach more and more places at lower costs and higher speeds; offering connectivity speeds in excess of 25Gbps (faster than the average computer can communicate).

Quad State Internet is offering Internet services to select homes starting at as low as $35/month throughout this introductory program. This program will enhance our neighborhoods, empower our communities, raise home values, and empower lower income neighborhoods.

The first mile of fiber-optic cable was acquired at a time of supply shortages and it is said to be one of the last miles currently available for sale in North America. However, this does not slow down plans for the company’s investment and commitment to the city.

Quad State Internet has worked tirelessly to bring more of the Internet into the local area by commitment to open-access networks, Internet Exchange Points, and working closely with non-profits that provide critical Internet infrastructure.

As the Quad State Internet network is deployed, thousands more homes and businesses will have more direct access to the Internet and network services.