Expanding Operational Reliability with Managed Networks

When choosing an Internet Service Provider, it can be easy to glance over prices in terms of Megabits and Gigabits per second and throw in an order. Shortly later someone visits your business, installs a modem, checks your computer and phone, and says that you’re all set.

You open the next day, and realize that you have a device that won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. Employees are reporting that their laptops and other devices aren’t connecting, and are saying that they can’t print to your office printer.

After sitting on hold for half an hour, you finally get to an agent that tells you they see your modem as online, suggest you restart it, and after some time, you hang up and call your IT guy. Your IT guy tells you that your Internet Service Provider wrecked your Local Area Network when changing out your modem and router with a modem-router combo. You’re also told that you can’t VPN with your other office because your ISP still doesn’t (properly) support IPv6.

The problem with many Internet Service Providers is that they don’t think about the networks they are providing Internet access to; they’re only concerned with getting you to the Internet. What’s worse is that many service providers insist on installing combination modem-routers that are often out of date at the time of installation, don’t support all the latest routing protocols, and tend to wreck your Local Area Network. When there is a problem with your Local Area Network, the Internet Service Provider will often instruct you to restart your router which almost always never solves the problem.

Quad State Internet gives its customers the ability to utilize their own firewalls and routers, or to opt for a managed Local Area Network. When we visit your premises we’ll preform a site-survey and document all devices working on your network and plan the best solution that’s unique to your business. We’ll create separate wireless networks for your guests and visitors and ensure all your devices are given stable, static IP addresses.

After installation of a managed network, we monitor the health of your systems at our Network Operations Center. If a router, switch, or access point go offline, it is our goal to know about it before you do. If we provide Internet access without a managed network, we’ll make sure your Information Technology department has access to the resources they need to do their job best.

Features such as static IP addressing, BGP routing, and properly implemented IPv6 means that there will be no guess work for your IT Department. If there ever is a problem, you or your IT Department will have access to our 24/7 Network Operations Center.

That’s the difference between Quad State Internet and other providers. It means having the ability to contact someone who can predict problems before they happen, and who can swiftly respond when they’re needed. Contact us today and we’ll perform a network and site survey and improve your network reliability today.