Enhancing your customer service experience with Voice Over IP and Quad State Internet

Take a look at your office phones. How much are you paying for phone service? What happens when someone calls you after hours? What about when you need to transfer someone to another department? Now look at your office phone bill and cell phone.

Do your desk phones have vivid color screens on them, or are they littered with little gray buttons? Does the functionality of your desk phones match the functionality of a cell phone, or are you overpaying for outdated technology?

If you’re paying hundreds of dollars for office phones, and you can’t check your voicemail by opening your email while on the go, or if you can’t easily roll your office phones to your cell phones or an answering service after hours (or if you’d rather it roll over automatically), then it’s time to call Quad State Internet and look into Voice Over IP phones.

Your office phone system is a reflection of your company, and having customers ring endlessly after hours rather than being forwarded to your cell phone, or at least straight to an after-hours voicemail box just won’t cut it these days.

Voice Over IP also comes with cost savings over outdated and overpriced copper phone lines. Quad State Internet can deliver the type of low-latency Internet services needed for high quality Voice over IP, alongside a hosted, managed phone system that is around the corner, not across the continent.

The best part is that your phone system, Internet connection, and Local Area Network will be managed and supported 24 hours a day 7 days a week by the Network Operations Center based out of Paducah, Kentucky.

Contact us today and improve your customer service experience with a Voice Over IP solution managed by Quad State Internet.