Determining Bandwidth Needs and Growing With Your Business

“What’s the fastest Internet connection you can get to me?” is a common question, but not always the right one. With business grade Internet connections, we work in not over provisioning our services to a degree that will cause service interruptions, so that when you need your full circuit, it is available to you.

While nobody can ensure that all network access to all websites and all regions will always be available at full speed 100% of the time, what we can do is ensure that a small number of our customers aren’t able to saturate the network and cause service unavailability to others.

A circuit at a lower speed from Quad State Internet will often out perform an over provisioned high speed circuit from another provider. That’s because we host our own DNS server with adequate resources, we peer directly with other local networks through the Paducah Internet Exchange, and we ensure we have adequate resources to meet our customers demand. When we see resources are being utilized to reach a certain service, network, or other entity, we work to establish a more direct peering agreement with that entity for the best quality of service for our customers.

Our membership with the Paducah Internet Exchange allows us to collectively bargain and gives other carriers a neutral meet-up point to exchange routes to their networks with one another.

We’re working on localizing as much as we can so that you aren’t being routed around the world to access common services. We’re also constantly working with our partners to ensure proper implementation of routing protocols and other connectivity methods.

When monitoring your circuit with Quad State Internet, we’ll monitor the usage, and if we find that you are utilizing over 40% of your circuit on a regular basis, we’ll recommend you upgrade to the next service tier. These recommendations ensure you aren’t over paying for access, and by monitoring your traffic through a managed local area network, we can work to identify bottlenecks that aren’t related to circuit speed.

Fiber-Optic Internet access offers low latency between your business and us, and our localization of services through the Paducah Internet Exchange furthers that even more by making a fast trip into a fast and short trip.

Contact us today and we’ll find the right speed for you.