Connecting your offices and colocation presence with Quad State Internet

Utilizing Quad State Internet in both your colocation centers and local offices means you always have the best possible connection to your off site data.

Internet purchased at a data center is generally reliable, and with many carriers in one place, they offer high reliability and resiliency. However, even a well peered data center doesn’t send your data on the fastest path back to your office.

Quad State Internet can order cross connects into data centers all over the United States, so that your office and your hosted network are just a hop away from each other. This means the lowest possible latency and adds reliability to your business. It also means your network at the data center has a second connection to the Internet.

Whether you utilize BGP, Static Routes, 1-to-1 NAT, or IPv6, your cloud network will have even more resiliency and less latency. When your entire operation relies on hosted applications, it is important that your field offices operate with low latency and high efficiency, with multiple paths into your network.

It’s not uncommon for two cities just miles apart to have high latency and poor connectivity because of the fact the routes between them end up spanning the continent. When you buy transit for your colocated servers from Quad State Internet, you are enhancing access to your services to your end users that are serviced by Quad State Internet, and since we have a generally open peering policy, users of other ISPs have access the our network without the middle-man of transit providers. Virtually all ISPs are open to cross-connect with our network. This means that your end users, employees, and others will have low latency, high speed access your hosted services.

Quad State Internet works with data centers, carriers, fiber contractors, and vendors to deliver versatile solutions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes; with these relationships we can connect your field offices across the country, presence in the cloud, and techs in the field.

Contact us today and we’ll evaluate your needs and present options that will work for businesses of all sizes.