Addressing the overkill that is 100Gbps

Quad State Internet in Paducah, Kentucky is upgrading its network core to support 25 and 100Gbps Transport to local businesses and even homes.

Studying other local networks tells us that even the largest of regional networks in our part of the state will peak at 40-50Gbps of usage, with those networks serving nearly 20,000 subscribers. So if 40-50 Gbps can connect almost that many homes and businesses, why would any one singular business need 25 or 100Gbps delivered to their premises?

The answer is simple: we don’t know. However, what we believe is that in due time innovative businesses and entrepreneurs will find out how, and it’s our job to deliver them any tool they may need to succeed.

Whether a business in Metropolis, Illinois or Paducah, Kentucky wants 100Gbps of transport to the other side of town, to St. Louis, MO, or even to the heart of Europe, we want the ability to say yes.

That’s why Quad State Internet is not only investing in fiber to the business and fiber to the home, but we’re investing in making network interconnections that allow us to deliver circuits with massive amounts of capacity virtually anywhere.

There may not be many homes or businesses that have a need for 25, 100, 400, or 800Gbps of transport capacity or more, but what is important, is that we are there for those who might.

So whether it’s providing connectivity to a data center, providing Internet access to a small business, or high speed Internet to a home, we are working to help the communities we work within grow with a forward thinking and proactive approach to network connectivity.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Quad State Internet! Even if we aren’t available in your area, we’ll add you to our list and connect you to our all fiber network once we are! Your bill will be the same every month, there are no data caps, and all our support is local.

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