Preston Louis Ursini, Director of Network Operations

Preston Ursini is the Director of Network Operations for Quad State Internet.

Preston also serves as the President and Chief Engineer for The Fire Horn, Inc. and works with the Paducah Internet Exchange in providing enhanced connectivity to the Paducah and Western Kentucky region.

His background is in software development, public safety, information systems, networking, and business management. His experience comes from deploying and maintaining large scale networks and systems that span the United States and beyond. He also works with large national and global companies providing specialty contract and consulting services.

Preston Ursini has developed various protocols, standards, and software packages. He designs, publishes, and maintains software systems as a regular part of his work with a focus is in scalability, high availability, and high demand systems.

He served as a volunteer firefighter from 2004 to 2018, and works with and continues to serve other first responding agencies through his work at The Fire Horn, Inc.

Ursini has also worked with deploying large scale telecom deployments, supporting systems that handle hundreds to thousands of phone calls and text messages per second. He has architected, engineered, deployed, and supported high availability and scalable systems from the ground up.

Preston Ursini works in enhancing and contributing to Free and Open Source Software, building upon and expanding the framework of the global open source community.

Ursini has designed electronics and loves additive manufacturing. He designs hardware, enclosures, PCB boards, and will almost always describe the fit and finish of all the plastic parts laying around in great detail. When visiting, he’ll brag about his calzones as much as he does his 3d printers.