Quad State Internet and e-Tel Reach Agreement on Fiber Optic Expansion

New Telecom Ordinance in Paducah allows for local fiber-optic to the home expansion in Paducah, Kentucky – Local companies fast to respond 

Quad State Internet and local ISP e-Tel paving the way forward

Paducah, KY – As the City of Paducah welcomes new infrastructure expansions, two companies, Quad State Internet and e-Tel are working side by side to fill a gap to add competition within the city.

Quad State Internet will be submitting a bid to the City of Paducah that will allow for the provisioning and expansion of residential fiber-optic service within the city limits.  After that bid is approved, construction will begin almost immediately.

“As it stands within the City of Paducah, fiber-optic Internet access has been limited to business locations.  After months of negotiation between Quad State Internet and the City of Paducah on what a telecommunications ordinance should look like, we all finally reached a consensus.” Preston Ursini, Director of Network Operations for Quad State Internet remarked.

“With Quad State Internet rapidly expanding its regional footprint, the time has come to expand the service to a residential market within the city limits of Paducah.  The capacity for residential just wasn’t here in Paducah, and we’re ready to put it there.” Ursini remarked.

The fiber-optic expansion will utilize state of the art fiber-optic technologies, offering future-proof speeds and service, with added ease of installation.  Through the agreement with Quad State Internet and e-Tel, Quad State Internet will be expanding its fiber-optic footprint, and e-Tel will be managing customer service and installation.  “We wanted a model where we support a fiber-optic backbone and a partner entity can provide installation and service.  We route that backbone right back to e-Tel, so that e-Tel can offer residential fiber-optic Internet service to its customers on its network.” Ursini added

The end result is better work-from-home opportunities and a better overall service for those living and working from home.  “We offer 24/7 support, and have been a member of this community for decades, we’re excited to finally have the ability to offer fiber-to-the-home for residents within Paducah.” Charlie McKenzie, Chief Technology Officer for e-Tel stated.  “This will make sure we beat the big guys not only in customer service, but in speed and quality of our product.  At the end of the day, everyone gets the best experience.” McKenzie added

“When you look at the last 20 years of fiber-optic networks, you find processes that take a lot of time, disrupt the city rights-of-way, and are expensive and slow to maintain.”  Ursini said, “With newer structured cabling systems, we’re able to deploy our networks faster and more efficiently than fiber-optic systems from the 1990s and early 2000s.”

Quad State Internet based in Paducah, KY currently offers fiber-to-the-home through a partner in Metropolis, IL, Metro Service Center.  e-Tel has been in business in Paducah and Murray, Kentucky since 1995, offering business voice services, DSL, and other Internet products.  Those interested in subscribing to new service can visit the broadband deployment center at www.quadstate.us