Sign the petition to allow Quad State Internet into the City of Paducah for residential service

The City of Paducah has placed an undue financial burden on small ISPs, asking for thousands of dollars in “minimum franchise fees” and excessive insurance requirements. These barriers serve only one purpose: to stop small Internet Service Providers from expanding into the City of Paducah. Other states and cities do not have these types of requirements. This is a part of a concerted effort to drive small ISPs out of all of Kentucky, city-by-city. Don’t trust the words of a politician: This is a bad move by the City of Paducah.

We are deploying out high speed fiber-optic Internet services to neighboring cities, providing unprecedented speeds, 24/7 local service and support, and no-nonsense pricing that doesn’t change month-to-month.

If you provide your email, we’ll keep in touch as we make progress through this complicated process.

Sign the petition and ask the city to not implement these high barriers to entry, and we’ll pass on the message